Once Upon a Time an Open Access Pathway

Back in September I came across an article titled Drummond: Community Colleges No Longer a Place to Find Yourself. From this point, I started to spend more time thinking about the many changes to come for college students with the Student Success Act (SB 1456) and how to help students keep their motivation.

These days it is a struggle reading the latest articles about the state budget right before staring into the glowing eyes of a student learning that transfer is a possibility based on their educational plan. Most of my student appointments walk away with a long term educational plan, but once they are out of my sight a deep breath of hope and good luck always follow. It’s this simple, there is no guarantee students will be able to get the courses listed on their educational plan. Of course, this is just one of many things that can make the community college pathway less desirable or worrisome. But remember, these factors are also occurring up and down the state and in all system of higher education.

Although the mission of Cerritos College seems far removed from the present time when you read “The college takes pride in offering open access education…,” the fact is Cerritos College has found creative ways to receive funding for special programs and has been chosen for a few university partnerships which help increase student success/achievement. Do you know what they are?  Do you know where to find them, if needed?  Here are some special partnerships, programs and services that are unique to Cerritos College:

With more impaction statuses in the CSU system and stricter major requirements in the UC system, your grades, educational goal and flexibility are extremely important. There is not enough time for students to take their education lightly. Here is what students can do to be in a favorable position:

  • Do your best in class to avoid dropping a class or withdraw a class before the deadline to drop without a W. (consider the person who is trying to add that may not get a spot)
  • Seek tutoring early in the semester to keep your educational plan on track (in particular courses like math, English).
  • Remember, a C grade is not repeatable, so do your best at all times.
  • Keep yourself well informed by reading the course descriptions before enrolling in GEs, major and elective courses. You do not want to be in a class that is not interesting to you and as a result put yourself on a path toward academic or progress probation or dropout.

A tip I have mentioned before is students can take classes at other campuses to complete requirements or consider private and out-of-state universities. Now that enrollment for spring is around the corner ask yourself what you need to do.

This is the time to check MyCerritos student portal to access enrollment dates, view to do lists, verify balances due and transcripts. Enroll in units that are manageable with your personal load and do your best in all your classes. Think twice about the type of classes you are taking (check course descriptions) or consult with a counselor. If your units go over 18 units, you will be referred to take classes at another campus or consult with the Dean of Counseling Services for approval. Counseling appointments are limited so use the various workshops in the Counseling Division to supplement your academic advisement. If you need a review of the college orientation, you can always view the online orientation through MyCerritos or attend a Tune-Up Workshop. For quick questions, you can utilize online counseling or attend various Transfer Center Workshops/Career Services Workshops. For academic help, check out the Student Success Center. Keep yourself in the loop with the most current information. It’s your future!

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