Comprehend: Understanding the Transfer Degree Majors (SB 1440/AA-T/AS-T) for the CSUs

The newest transfer pathway (SB 1440) to the California State University (CSU) system will be important for students to become acquainted with as we approach the university application season. Currently Cerritos College offers 4 Transfer Degree Majors:

For spring 2013 transfer (application filing period: 8/1/2012 through 8/31/2012)

For fall 2013 transfer (application filing period: 10/1/2012 through 11/30/2012)

Many more Transfer Degree majors are coming down the pipeline so stay tuned! See below for the “go-to” section on the Transfer Center website.

My last blog pointed out that students need to stay updated on the information impacting future transfers and look ahead for ways to complete your educational goal(s). There is now a “go-to” place on the Transfer Center website under the CSU tab regarding SB 1440 degrees and information.

According to SB 1440, this pathway gives students guaranteed admission into the CSU system, and further are given priority consideration when applying to a particular program that is similar to the student’s community college major.

Is AA-T/AS-T for you?  Here are some things students should learn when considering the SB 1440 transfer degree pathway:

  • There are numerous bachelor degrees offered at the university. Is your major available as an AA-T/AS-T? And, is it approved as a similar major to the CSU campus? See the Majors and Campus matrix for more information.
  • AA-T/AS-T major requirements along with CSU GE/IGETC (Plan B or Plan C) must be completed a semester in advance (by end of spring for fall transfer and by end of summer for spring transfer). Will you have all your requirements completed on time? I just got word that CSUF will allow AA-T/AS-T major requirements and Plan B or C, with the exception of the Golden Four, to be in progress for fall 2012 for spring 2013 transfer.
  • Some CSU campuses offer more than one bachelor degree and concentration with similar AA-T/AS-T names. Do you know what degree you are applying for at the CSU campus with your AA-T/AS-T? (i.e., AA-T-Communication Studies at CSU Fullerton is a BA in Speech Communication) See the spring 2013 Transfer options for more information.

A student applying for an AA-T/AS-T to the CSU must also submit a petition with the Cerritos Admissions & Records office. There are two Associate in Arts degree petition on the admissions website: 1) Petition for Associate of Arts degree and 2) Petition for Associate in Arts degree for Transfer (AA-T). Another responsibility for the student is to make sure to indicate on the CSU application (CSU Mentor) intent to apply for an AA-T or AS-T.

The SB 1440 transfer pathway should be seen as another opportunity such as the UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG), Teacher TRAC, CSULB STEM-TAP or UCLA TAP. More pathways mean more opportunities. Finding the right transfer pathway may require assistance from a counselor. Cerritos Falcons, please do not hesitate to follow-up with a counselor to help you COMPREHEND and decide the best transfer pathway. When it comes to transfer there is no “one-size fits all” pathway. SB 1440 information is very unclear when it comes to deadlines and what coursework can be in progress a semester prior to transfer. Stay connected and be patient with your counselors and the CSU campus for the latest information. By the time you read this blog, new information may have come through. Continue to stay flexible and creative to achieve your educational goals.

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14 Responses to Comprehend: Understanding the Transfer Degree Majors (SB 1440/AA-T/AS-T) for the CSUs

  1. J.R. says:

    Awesome information! Thank you for the insight.

  2. Armando Davalos says:

    So would I be able to transfer to a csu with a an Administration of Justice AS-T for spring 2013?

  3. Marvelina Barcelo says:

    Hello Armando,

    Yes, you can apply for transfer in Spring 2013 for CSUF and CSULA (and the rest of the 7 CSU campuses) under AJ AS-T! Make sure you have the Golden Four by Summer 2012 and have at least 60 CSU units by end of Fall 2012 with your AJ AS-T major requirements. Don’t forget the Health & Wellness requirement for the AA degree such as a PE course or HED 100.

  4. Celeste Mor says:

    Do you know if this priority admissions will be enforced for Fall 2013 as well.

    • Marvelina Barcelo says:

      Hello Celeste,

      Remember that SB 1440 transfer degrees are very limited. For Fall 2013 transfers, you can apply with an SB 1440 transfer degree or regular admissions with any major. Please note that, SB 1440 only gives priority admissions to the CSU system and does not guarantee entrance to your chosen school.

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  6. Laura Munro says:

    I have been working on an AA in psychology and only need 2 more classes, Psych Stats and Bio-Psych. Cerritos does offer my major for AA-T, I want to go to CSU Channel Islands in FA 13. What can I do?

  7. Marvelina Barcelo says:

    Hello Laura,
    Cerritos College does not offer the Psychology AA-T (under SB 1440) at the moment. The major has not been approved so I do not know what classes you would be required to take. However, Channel Islands is not considered an impacted campus nor is Psychology an impacted program. Therefore, as long as you have at least a 2.0 transfer gpa, 60 CSU units, the Golden 4 by the end of spring 2013 you will be admitted. The application filing period for the CSUs is October 1 through November 30. Check the Transfer Center website for CSU application workshop dates at

  8. Neeta says:

    I have completed the GOlden Four and will complete all the courses for a AA in Sociology by the end of this semester. I need 2 more courses for compete the AA-T in Sociology. Can I still apply to CSUF for the spring term (AA will be complete) or do I have to wait until I take the additional 2 classes and complete the AA-T in order to transfer?

  9. Marvelina Barcelo says:

    Hello Neeta,
    CSUF, in particular, is requiring AA-T applicants for spring 2013 to have all requirements completed by end of summer 12. Unfortunately, this includes the AA-T Sociology major requirements. CSULA will allow you to finish off the major requirements by end of fall 2012. For CSUF, it appears that you would apply in October/November for fall 2013. Hope this helps.

  10. lucy says:

    I have a question i started filing out my application for cal state LA for the spring quarter 2013 but my major is closed i’m doing business administration for human resources. I noticed they have AS-T and AA-T for business administration i was just wondering if i can apply under that and attend the spring quarter and then once I’m there change my major to HR. I don’t want to lose a semester of school. If someone can help me out with my question that would be great since today is the deadline for the application. Thanks
    This is my last semester at cerritos all of my classes will be completed to transfer after this semester. I also received an AA last year and was told by a counselor I can get another AA Business Administration-Transfer. I hope this info helps to answer my question.
    thank you so much Lucy

  11. Tanya says:

    Trying to access online degrees and wasn’t able to find this infirmation. Can u help?

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I’am currently working on submiting my Supplemental Application for CSULong Beach. I’m a lttle puzzled by one of the questions. I’m working on getting a AA-T in sociology and will be transferring Fall 2013. The question reads as follows, Has the degree program for your Transfer AA or Transfer AS degree been deemed ‘similar’ to the CSULB major to which you are applying?

  13. joshkwak95 says:

    Hi Mrs. Marvelina Barcelo my name is Joshua, but just call me Josh I am currently a freshman at Cerritos college. My goal is to transfer to either CSULB, CSUF, CSUDH, Biola, or Azusa Pacific unviersity. I want to get a certificate in educational technology and a associates degree in either business administration or in child development. I also want to be a apart of the Cerritos college Teacher TRAC program. What can I do?

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