New Ideas: Expecting the Unexpected in Transfer Admissions

On the same day the Transfer Center hosted a University Fair with over 30 colleges attending, the CSU system made an announcement to close transfer admissions for spring 2013 except for 8 campuses (Channel Islands, Chico, East Bay, Fullerton, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Bernardino, and Sonoma)*. In the weeks prior, I was advising many students about the spring 2013 transfer opportunity. Now this advisement will stand as misleading, confusing and/or frustrating to many students.

What should you do when you feel like California transfer opportunities keep getting worse? Continue to be flexible and creative. Learn what information will be impacting future transfers and look ahead for ways to complete your educational goals.

Here are some things students have heard and are wondering whether they are true:

  • California Community College enrollment fee will increase from $36 to $46 by summer 2012. (FACT)
  • No summer classes for 2013 for Cerritos College. (POSSIBILITY)
  • A time limit will be implemented on the Pell Grant for Financial Aid recipients affecting transfer students the most. (FACT)
  • The CSU system plans to accept fall 2013 applications on a wait-list basis until the outcome of the tax initiative in the November election is determined. (POSSIBILITY)
  • Only students who follow and complete the SB 1440 transfer degree will be considered for any of the 8 campuses open for spring 2013 admissions. (FACT)
  • CSU tuition will increase to $7,017 with fees ($5,970 tuition only) for fall 2012. (FACT)
  • Additional cuts in class sections at Cerritos College for fall 2012 & spring 2013. (POSSIBILITY)

The items above are primarily to bring awareness to the issues affecting community college transfers as well as the challenges that follow counselors. These days, you cannot expect a simple answer from a counselor when it comes to transfer, especially if you are going through walk-in counseling.

Keep yourself informed. Get connected with the counseling office, instructors, student success center, financial aid, and student activities for information to assist you with your educational goal(s). Identify the areas where you have control to help you move forward.

  • If you cannot enroll in the classes you need at Cerritos College, I encourage you to explore other community colleges to meet your needs. Many students attend more than one community college campus to complete requirements.
  • Apply for scholarships. Often times scholarship deadlines get extended to increase the number of applications.
  • Explore the possibility of participating in the Scholars Honors Program to benefit from priority admissions to various universities.
  • Undecided on a career. Check out Career Coach through the Cerritos College home page.

When you start feeling like you are pinned to the wall with no transfer options, make sure you Link Up with someone on campus or explore the many links throughout this blog. The California transfer student must always be on her toes. If you know of a peer who seems to know far less than you about transfer options, place yourself in the mentor role and help that student get connected.

*CSU Freezes Enrollment for Spring and CSU Outlines Options if Budget is Cut

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