CSU Transfer: Spring ’11 vs. Fall ’11

Recently, the California State Universities (CSUs) received additional funding after the budget was passed to enroll more students for spring 2011. Although this is a golden opportunity for many students due to “flexible” admissions criteria among competitive schools (CSULB, CSUF, SDSU), it is also important to consider the pros and cons about a spring transfer versus a fall transfer.

For spring 2011 transfer consider the following:


Better chance of being admitted with lower gpas and minimum admissions requirements (Golden Four and 60 CSU units) in progress for competitive schools.

You get to transfer to the university quicker instead of waiting.

Great option for students who were denied for fall 2010.

If you qualify for an application fee waiver, you can use it for both spring and fall separately.


You have to act quickly to meet CSU deadlines (most are in November).

You may receive late admissions notification (possibly December) to start in January.

You will have to come up with a deposit soon when you submit your Intent to Enroll.

You may not get a full schedule or even the classes you need because you are enrolling late.

CSU orientation may feel rushed.

You will have to pay for a spring 11 and fall 11 application separately to plan ahead for your options ($55 per application).

Not all majors are available for spring.

If you are not done with major prep, you will have to pay CSU tuition to finish up.

For fall 2011 transfer consider the following:


You are more prepared because you will have an additional semester to finish up major prep courses; more cost efficient.

You have time to save up money for requesting official transcripts, official AP scores, and the university deposit. It all adds up!

You will have your orientation in a timely manner, which can help with enrolling in the classes you need sooner and secure a full schedule.

You will have time to complete AA degree requirements in spring, if you were planning to earn one prior to transfer.

All majors will be available for fall applicants.


You will be held to higher admissions requirements. No more “flexible” admissions criteria will be used for competitive schools.

CSULB will implement supplemental requirements for impacted majors beginning with fall 11 applicants.

You will have to wait for admissions until spring semester. If you are placed on a waitlist, you may not know if you are admitted until the summer.

Ultimately, you have the right to choose what works best for you. My role is to get the word out about your options, but to also help you make an informed decision to assist you with achieving your educational goals. My advice to you is to keep your options open. File a CSU application for both spring and fall 2011. Please check the campus website for specific information regarding deadlines and admissions criteria for their January term. You can use the Transfer Center website to access a CSU campus website at www.cerritos.edu/transfer and click the CSU tab and select Campus Website link, then locate your CSU campus of choice and navigate to “Admissions” and look for “Transfer Requirements.”

Good Luck!

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