Academic Counselors FALCON…do you?

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3 Responses to Academic Counselors FALCON…do you?

  1. Lorenzo Hutson says:

    Hello, my name is Lorenzo Hutson. I wanted to so that i completely agree with everything that your article saids. I have gain a lot of skills from just going to school that has helped me so much at work. School has taught me how to be on time, to listen, how to Communicate with other/work with others. school has taught me very useful things that will help me in life and in my future career.

  2. Andrea Elvir says:

    This article is very true if u think about it all we do at school is just be more educated about our favorite subject or whatever we are interested in. Having years and years at a career that we choose does not guarantee us a job the day of tomorrow. having a career in mind is good because you will learn about what you are interested in. Do not give up your career go all the way and learn as much as you can but remember that it will be hard to find a job that has to do with the career you choose. If you do end up finding a good job then go for it you might start at the bottom and work yourself up but do not give go search for your dream. Thanks for letting every student at Cerritos College what you think about the careers and the jobs of tomorrow.

  3. Carice Hill says:

    This article has given me so much beneficial information,especially when it comes to me feeling more secure in my position as a student.I haven’t been to school in over 15 years,and I had know clue what I wanted to major in. Not just what I wanted to major in,but what was I returning to school for.I just knew that it was a good idea. I believe that I was just afraid of making the wrong choice,when it came to choosing a career choice.So I told myself to just start somewhere,go and enroll in school and take it one day one step at a time,and here I am in school. Now being given the knowledge that I just received threw this article,allows me to feel more secure in my position as a student. I didn’t know before reading this article, that so many different resources existed such as the Career Center, and counselors.I will rely on and,take advantage of the resources provided here for use students, that need some direction as far as chosing a major,and career choice.

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